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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Number Freebie!

I created this activity a while back and just now put it in my TpT store.  It is just a very simple activity but a good way for the students to see how numbers can be shown in different forms.  For example, on a ten frame or domino.  I left this activity in a word document so if you download it you can just go in and change the number in the middle to any number that you are working on in your classroom. Just click on the picture below to go grab it!  I hope you like it!  *I added one with two ten frames for teen numbers too!


Monday, June 2, 2014


My school district has decided to use EngageNY Mathematics next year and I was wondering if anyone else is using this program and if there is any advice you can give to me.  I am glancing through module 1 and I am already concerned about the amount of worksheets!  I am hoping to find some good ideas from teachers who have used this program in their classrooms and know some of the pitfalls to avoid.  Thank you!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Roll and Read (getting ready for DIBELS)

 Roll and Read Through the Year

I have created a Roll and Read activity for my students to use to get themselves ready for the DIBELS letter naming fluency assessment.  It is a very simple activity and I have seen similar activities around the internet but decided to put together some to use throughout the school year.   
The children just need a die and the Roll and Read paper to do the activity.  They will roll the die and read the letters that are in the row that they rolled.  I like to use small pointers for the children to read with to add a little something exciting.  I like to use drink stirrers because you can get a lot for a pretty good price and you can find different kinds to fit the theme you are working on. 
I started with October and the letters that have been introduced so far in Reading Street.  Then as other letters are introduced I added them in.  If you are interested please go to my TPT store and check it out!

Saturday, October 5, 2013


 A while back I posted some dot cards for number talks.  I finally completed another set for number 6.  If you would like the cards for numbers 3, 4 and 5 click HERE to see the previous post.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Updated Reading Street Resources and Freebie

I went through the Reading Street Resources that I have compiled for teachers and added a couple more (and took out two that did not work anymore).  I also added some new sight word cards to Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you use Reading Street at your school and you have activities that you have made or ideas you would like to share let me know and I will add you to the list. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Favorite Things This Year

I want to remember some of my favorite activities, materials, websites etc. from this year so I decided to record them here.  I would love to hear from other people too ( I would make it a linky party if I knew how). 

I had seen these ten frame paddles before and finally bought them last summer.  I love them!  It was a great tool to use during math talks.  I used them mostly for subitizing.  For example I would use the single ten frame side and only use five magnetic counters.  I would put the five counters anywhere on the ten frame and give the students a "quick look" then ask them what they noticed.  It was really cool to hear them describe what they saw. "I saw three on top and two on the bottom, I saw two on one side and three on the other, I saw five counters in all".  We would talk about how all were right and then I would show it to them again and repeat what they said to check.  Then I would move the counter a different way keeping only 5 counters on the paddle.

This year our Gingerbread Man unit was my favorite!  We had so much fun reading different versions of the story and comparing them.  There are so many great versions out there, including one called The Gingerbread Girl (which was a favorite).  We were having such great discussions about all of the gingerbread stories that a lesson emerged from the children.  The paper above was created because one of my students one day said, "we should write letters to the gingerbread man to warn him about the fox".  You can see the original post HERE.


My students love Pete the Cat!  I don't even like cats and I love these books!  Our newest find was Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons.  We read this book so many times and they laughed every time it gets to the belly button.  I found this great activity, on Learning With Mrs.Parker, to go with this book and it turned out so cute!    

Scentos! I keep finding new scents and fun packages.  They are a great incentive for good behavior!  My students loved getting "smelly faces" on a post-it when they had a good day! 

ABC Mouse is a staple in my room.  The games and activities are great for kinders and they cannot get enough!  I can put this website at the computer center and the students think that they are playing games even though it is all educational.  Teachers at public schools can register for free HERE.  I even learned that you can register students and send a link to parents so they can access the site for free from home!

K-5 Math Teaching Resources is a resource site that I could not live without!  It has activities sorted by grade level and by which common core standard they cover.  The activities are printable and easy to use.  I think I have printed out almost every activity on there and many of them can be laminated and used as math mats.  If you haven't checked out this site yet you really need to!

Click on the picture to go to a great blog by Babbling Abby!  I fell in love with her RTI packets on TPT.  They are perfect for those students who need a little more support!  I also love being organized and she shows you how to organize the materials into a notebook to keep everything together and easy to access. Here is the link to the page on her blog where she explains RTI. 

These are just a few of my favorites this year.  Please let me know what your favorites for this year are!