Friday, July 29, 2011

More Frog Ideas and A Great Link

Today in summer school I read a Little Critter book called Where is My Frog?. This is a really cute, simple book just right for beginning kinders.  A colleague of mine found it at the library and let me borrow it.  I had never seen this book and I thought it was really cute!  After I read the book I made up a quick game to go with it.  In the story Little Critter looses his frog and looks for him everywhere so I put 12 letter cards in the pocket chart and hid a cut out frog behind one of the letter cards (when the kids were not looking).  Then I asked a child to say a letter and lift the card to see if the frog was behind it.  I kept calling on students until we found the frog.  They loved playing this game and wanted to do it over and over!

Also, I found a great emergent reader about frogs and colors and it is a counting book too!.  It is on the site The Virtual Vine.  If you have never been to this site you should definitely check it out!  There are so many great ideas and printables! Click here to find the book.  It is almost half way down on the page and it is called, "How Many Frogs".  There are two different versions, one with the numerals and one with the number words.  There are also many other great frog ideas!


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