Saturday, July 16, 2011

Music Linky Party

Miss Kindergarten is hosting a linky party and she wants you to share songs that you sing with your students in your classroom.  I feel like I sing all day long!  I am always making up songs!  The kids don't care they just love singing (even though I cannot sing).  There are some songs that stand out in my head that I find myself singing a lot during clean up or transition times.  The first one is a clean up song. They love hearing their names in this song and others start cleaning up so I will sing their name too.

(Sung to the tune of London Bridges)
I see _________ cleaning up, cleaning up, cleaning up.
I see __________ cleaning up.
Just like ____________.

This song is a name song too but I use it during transitions to quiet the students down.

(Sung to the tune of Brother John)
B is for Brooke (I sing, then students echo for each line)
/B/, /B/, /B/
Brooke starts with B
/B/, /B/, /B/

The last one is a transition song,

Everybody eyes on me, eyes on me, eyes on me.
Everybody eyes on me
Time to listen!


  1. Isee your new to blogging too. Please add me, I just added you.

  2. Love these! I totally sang the "eyes on me" song the other day! Great minds think alike :) Okay, I just saw that I pinned this and thought it might be good for your summer class

    Hadar :)

  3. Thanks Hadar! These mats are perfect! Once I get back in the routine I know I will be okay but it is just getting started! Thanks for the encouraging words...and for following me:)

  4. Can I use these songs in a book I'm compiling as a freebie??


  5. Yes, Hadar you are welcome to use the songs:)


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