Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hoping For a Better Week

Wow!  Last week was a challenge!  I know that the beginning of kindergarten is always a little hectic but I always look forward to those little ones and the funny things they say and do.  Last week took the cake though!  I have never been told "no" so many times!  I have 24 students and like I said before 17 of them are boys.  That is challenging right there but then you add a child with little self control, two students who cry all day (I mean literally all day), and a child who does not want to do what we are doing and I am one exhausted teacher!!  I cannot even explain some of the things that went on in my room this week.  At one point I had two little boys with little to no clothes on running around!  Don't even ask why!!  I am hoping that this week, when I start introducing literacy and math work stations, that I can begin to establish the routines and procedures and we can start settling in.  I have read a few other blogs of teachers who said that they are tired too so maybe we just forget how challenging the first week really is.  I don't know but this week my goal is to keep everyone's clothes on:)  My motto this year (found on a coffee cup in my principal's office): Stay Calm and Carry On!


  1. I can relate on so many levels, but the part about the boys running around with no clothes on just made me giggle! You poor thing! I'm not even sure I would know what to do without laughing first!

    I remember the first time a student told me 'no'. It was three years ago and I still remember being in complete shock that she would even think of telling me no. Needless to say, I did not give in and she never told me no again.

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. I love reading about other teacher's first week experiences. My class so far is extremely talkative but my problem is with parents. During the first week of school I had requests for 3 conferences where parents were concerned that their child was not being challenged enough and one was upset that her daughter had no friends yet.
    I love Kindergarten


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