Saturday, September 10, 2011

Math Stations: Up and Running

My students and I are really enjoying math stations.  I am glad that I decided to try them this year.  I like that the students are working in partners.  I haven't had any arguing yet and it seems to work better than five or six kids in a group.  This week we started working on counting and making sets of numbers 0-5.  Here are some pictures of the math stations we did ( I also added the links to where I got some of these ideas).

These students are building cube towers to match the numbers on the mats. I made these mats a few years back and I use them with all different manipulatives.

Playdough numbers. I got these from Child Care Land (go to almost the bottom of the page, although there are so many great ideas you may want to check them all out).

Roll and Color the Bears.  Mrs. Levin has so many great math printables at pre-k pages!  This student decided to play again and this time wrote the numbers above the bears (I love his teddy bear hat too).

Circle Map for the number 2.  I got these great circle maps from Fran Kramer at Kindergarten Crayons.  She has so many amazing freebies on this page!  Thank you Fran!!


  1. Congratulations for being featured on "Someone New Sunday"! :)


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