Sunday, September 4, 2011

Star Students (Name Game)

Each day we pick a "Star Student".  That child gets to wear a crown all day and we focus on the beginning letter of his/her name.  We follow the Four Blocks (Building Blocks for kindergarten) way of introducing letters and names.  We also write a story about that person and then we find the first letter of his/her name in their story.  So if they start with the letter "T" we find all of the "t's" in the story and cover them with highlighter tape.  After we do this we all draw a picture of that student and he/she draws a self-portrait.  We take all of these pictures and make a book for the Star Student to take home.  This year I created a special place to display the Star Student's story and self-portrait.  There is also room for the child to build his/her name with magnetic letters.  The kids really like this so I thought I would share.

The Star Student also gets to take home the Name Bag which includes a book (right now it is Owen because I couldn't find my Chrysanthemum book), a small whiteboard and marker to practice writing his/her name, letters tiles to make name, a name puzzle for that child, name songs to sing and a journal for the family to write down their experience with the bag. 


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