Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Apples Up On Top!

During our Apple unit we read the book 10 Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss.  My kids always love this book and it lends itself to many different activities.  Last year we made these cute hats after reading it.

We also made a class book using the sentence frame; _________ apples up on top ______ will not let them drop.  We added the number of apples (from an apple punch from Michael's) and the child's name on the lines.  Here is a copy of the paper I use for the book.  Right above the words on the paper the children glue a picture of themselves (we just cut our their head so it looks really cute).  Then they glue the punched apples on top of their heads.  The cover to the book is here.

I created a couple smartboard activities for my apple theme and they are posted on my TpT store.  One is based on the 10 Apples Up On Top book.  The children can take the apples off of the animal's head and place them in the 10 frame to count them and then write the number on the line to complete the sentence. Click on the image to get this free at TpT.

Each year I ask the students to each bring in one apple so we can count, sort and graph them.  I use this floor mat to graph the different kinds of apples that they brought in.  At the end of the week we taste the apples and make a graph to show which kind each person liked the best.


  1. We are doing Ten Apples Up On Top tomorrow. Thanks for the great ideas!!


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