Monday, December 5, 2011

New Laminator!

I am so happy I just got my new laminating machine in the mail today!  I ordered it from Lakeshore on Cyber Monday so it was 30% off.  It is so cool, I have already tried it out of course!  I was running around my house trying to find something to laminate.  Laminating can get so expensive so I decided to use some money raised at a school fundraiser to purchase this and I am so glad I finally get to see if it works.  It will be so much nicer than driving out to Lakeshore!

Just a tip for those who do not like to spend a lot of money laminating: use page protectors for any literacy or math mats (like all of the Shari Sloane game mats) that you use over and over.  I just print on cardstock and then put it in a page protector and I have been able to use the mats for a few years now and they are still holding up.  You can even use whiteboard markers to write on the page protectors and it comes off.  I got this tip from a colleague of mine and it has saved me a lot of money!


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