Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clutter-Free Classroom Project Week 2

This is week two for The Clutter-Free Classroom Project.  If you haven't read about it yet, click on the picture to go to The Clutter-Free Classroom.  You will find all of the information there.  There are also great tips and freebies to help you out!

This week's Prompt was:
Share your plan for decluttering your classroom. Feel free to pick from any/all of the following questions or share your own ideas that relate the this week's topic. 
So here are my thoughts so far:

The "stuff" that I decide I no longer have to have will be donated to other teachers who can use it or thrown away if it is not in good shape.

My rules for purging will be:

1. If it has seen its better day or broken, throw it out!
2. If I have not used it in over a year, donate to someone who can and will use it.
3. If it has ended up in the wrong place return it to its home.

I purged the first two items yesterday and I was so excited to get started!  I had an old bulletin board that I had intended on using for a "message Board" with my students but it never really worked like I wanted it to and  the board is getting old now and parts of the cork were flaking off so I threw it away.  I also got rid of a tricycle that has been been broken for two years and just sitting in the closet.  Our custodian keeps saying that maybe it can be fixed but after two years I decided to get rid of it!  I am so happy to no longer trip over that bike!!


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