Sunday, May 20, 2012

Water Day!

It is a tradition at my school that the last two weeks of school we have "special days".  One of those special days is water day!   We played in the water all day on Friday ( in AZ where it was almost 100 degrees!) and the children loved it!  In the morning we did activities such as bubbles, sidewalk chalk and water, fishing in a kiddie pool, water relay race and water play in the sand box.  The highlight of the day is when the custodian turns on the sprinklers for us!  They had a blast!!

No idea why it is the year 2043 on my picture!? I guess I need to fix my camera!

Here is a list of the special days that we have:

1. ABC/123 Day - the children wear clothes with letters or numbers on them and we do fun ABC/123 activities.
2. Dinosaur Day - the children can bring in a dinosaur book to share with the class.
3. Slumber Party Day - the children wear their pajamas and bring in a pillow.  We read the Napping House and Goodnight Moon and in the afternoon we watch a movie and eat popcorn.
4. Rodeo Day - the children dress like cowboys and cowgirls and in the afternoon we have a rodeo outside (we ride stick horses, make cowboys out of paint sticks, play horseshoes, make a Twinkie cactus, and rope a rocking horse).
5. Water Day
6. Space Day - we do fun space activities and learn about the phases of the moon using Oreo cookies.
7. Game Day - the children bring games from home to share with friends (not my favorite day).
8. Puzzle and Party Day - the children bring in puzzles to share and we have an ice cream party in the afternoon.
9. Last Day of School - there is no special event on this day, it is an early release day so the children and I take time to say goodbye and remember our favorite things about this school year.


  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE some of your special days. We have pajama day, but I've never thought to incorporate "bedtime" books. Thanks for the ideas!

    PS-I'm your newest follower!


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