Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ABC Mouse

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My students love this site!!  It is probably because they get "tickets" when they have competed an activity and when you collect so many tickets you get to buy things (all kids love collecting tickets).  ABC Mouse is geared towards preschool to kindergarten students.  It is a lot of fun and can be done at the computer center or on the smartboard as whole group lessons.  The kids love the different activities and they can manage it as a center because it is easy to use.  There are puzzles, games, drawing activities, and they can even trace numbers and letters with a cool rainbow pen.  As the teacher you can create subgroups within your login so you could make a group and add the specific games you want that group to do.  It is free to schools only. Click on the picture above to go to the teacher subscription page.


  1. I LOVE this site and it makes me so happy...yes partly because it's free. Unlike, ahem, Starfall.


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