Monday, June 18, 2012

Number Talks: Mental Math

I got the book, Number Talks Mental Math Computation by Sherry Parish, last week in the mail.  It comes with a dvd which is very helpful!  I love it because as you are reading the book there are references as to which part of the dvd you should watch to go along with what you are reading.  It makes things easier to understand when you see someone demonstrating it!  The first chapter introduces number talks and explains what they are and the teacher's role.  They are short (5-15 minutes) periods of time to focus on a math concept.  In kindergarten number talks include three things; dot cards, 5 and 10 frames, and rekenreks.  I use all of these materials but I was kind of all over the place with the numbers or concepts I used.  In the upcoming chapters they lay out specific lessons to do with the materials.  I know that Pat over at Simply First Grade Fun has already created smartboard lessons to go along with this book.  You have to see her lessons they are great!!


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