Saturday, July 21, 2012

Literacy Centers: Sand Table??

I know what your thinking, that the sand table is not really a literacy center.  Well, I have turned it into one.  At my school we all have sand tables in our rooms.  When I first started teaching I used it mostly for science during my centers.  Then when we went to full day and had time for a separate science time I started using the top of the sand table (with the lid on) as another area to add a literacy game or activity.  It is a great place to do play doh because kids like to stand while they are kneading the dough.  Here is an example of one of the play doh activities that we do:

These boys are rolling the play doh to make the names of the animals from Mrs. Wishy-Washy and then they are using the cookie cutters to make the animal to go into the tub.  I found these mats at Making Learning Fun.  I do a lot of play doh activities here such as; play doh names, and play doh letter trays.

When you take the lid off the inside is filled with beans.  I use these beans to hide letters or objects.  In this picture the girls have styrofoam trays that have sight words written on them and they have to search through the beans to find the letters they need to make the word that they have.

Sometimes I have cups with letters written on them and the students have to find objects in the beans that start with the letter they have written on their cup. 

I have so many literacy games that I do not always have time to put them at another center so they end up at the sand table.  Here is another game that the children love to play called "Guess the Letter".  You can find out more about this in a previous post HERE.

Do you have a sand table in your room?
What kind of activities do you do with your sand table?


  1. I have to tell you, I covered my sand table and now use it as a listening center :/

    I gave you an award, so come by and pick it up!


  2. We moved into a new building mid-year this past year and one of our new toys was a sand table. We were looking for ways to incorporate literacy in it and you gave us some wonderful ideas! Thank you so much for sharing those! :)


  3. HI! I just sent you a blog award, and started following you.
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