Friday, July 13, 2012

Literacy Centers: Star Center and Freebie

As school is fast approaching (only one more week and I start summer school, yikes) I have been reviewing my literacy centers and trying to decide how to condense things into my new half day schedule.  I decided to share with you each literacy center that I will be keeping this year.  The first center is my "Star" center.  I call it that because it is a center that focuses only on sight words, which I call star words in my class.  It really does not take up a lot of room, I use the back of a book shelf for this center.  I use velcro to post the star word that we will focus on each week.  the materials vary so I just put put the materials needed for each week's activity.  In this picture the boys are playing star word tic-tac-toe.  It is played just like the original game, they have to get three of their words in order.  I gave each boy 6 pumpkins, one boy's pumpkins all said 'go' and the other boy's pumpkins all said 'like'.   The light was shining off the letter 'g' in this picture but the star word is 'go'.

Some other activities we do here are:
  • Mix and Fix - use magnetic letters to make the word, mix up the letters and then fix the word and read it (they do this 5 times) 
  • Practice writing the word on a whiteboard
  • Practice on magna doodles
  • Roll and color star word papers
  • Make star word hats and necklaces from Fran Kramer's product: Sight Words to Rock Your Room (on Tpt) This packet has so many great activities!!
  • Make words using wikki stix
  • Write words in salt trays and gel bags
  • I also use some of the activities from Shari Sloane's site Kidscount1234  (look under Literacy Centers, my students love the Telephone Game and the Word Tower!).

If you want to play the tic-tac-toe game click HERE to download some stars with star words on them ( I put on the first four words introduced in Reading Street).  It is a Word document so you can change the words to whatever works for you.  In the picture I just used store bought cut outs of pumpkins.  To play tic-tac-toe you only need two different words (of course, just like X and O) but you will need 6 of each word.

Do you have a similar center in your room?
If so, what kind of activities do you do there?


  1. I used a file cabinet and posted sight words on it I printed out. I also then had a basket of letter magnets. They were to make the sight words on the file cabinet with the letters. They can also make their names.

  2. I love the tic-tac-toe game on the floor. =)

    One of my kiddos favorite activities for word wall words in a mystery sight word game.

    Heather's Heart


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