Saturday, November 24, 2012

Free iPad apps for Kindergarten

My colleagues and I have each received 6 iPads to use in our classrooms.  I am looking for some really good free educational apps to use for my intervention groups.  So far I have found ABC Magic which is very easy to use and I can focus on all of the skills that we need right now.  Does anyone know of any other good apps that work on letters, beginning sounds, phoneme segmentation or blending?


  1. Cross fingers is a good one. It is like a wooden puzzle. Great for problem solving. Build a train lite is also fun. And try little writer tracing app. Free also!

  2. I know you are looking for free apps, but two must haves are Lakeshore sound sorting and Lakeshore Letter of the Day. I can't see how much I paid for them because they are already installed. Please add them to your wish list.

  3. I don't know many of the apps, but husband downloaded a bunch for my daughter. I know one is the starfall app, but I think it may have cost a couple dollars.

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  4. thank you these are helpful ~ have you found any others since this post?


  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions! I have found some really good apps that are free. Here is a list:
    ABC Magic (numbers 1-6)
    Phonics Lite
    Little Matchups ABC Alphabet
    Backyard Phonics Adventure
    Little Speller Sight Words
    Spelling Magic
    Little Writer
    BugbrainED Phonics Awareness


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