Saturday, November 10, 2012

Using "Mini Anchor Charts" in Stations

I have been using anchor charts for many years but now that I am in the blog world, and have access to pinterest, I am starting to try and make them a little cuter (I definitely need to work on this).  Not that they have to be cute, but I have tried to jazz them up a bit.  But I am also finding other ways to use them.  At the beginning of the year my students and I created an anchor chart to help them remember the terms; more, fewer and same. 

I drew the lovely pictures (don't judge) and wrote the words on sentence strips and the students taped the words to the correct picture showing the meaning.  When they are at math stations I want them to be able to see the anchor chart and use it as a reference.  However, during stations I allow the children to spread out around the room and they cannot always see the chart from where they are sitting.  So I decided to take a picture of the anchor chart and print it and then everyone had a small version of it at their math station.  They used it as a tool to discuss the new vocabulary we had been learning.  Here is a picture of the math station and the mini anchor chart.

The game they were playing was a game from enVision Math.  I adapted it a little to make it larger but it is called Collect More.  Each child pulls a number tile out of a bag and puts it on their box in the middle and then builds that number on the ten frame (obviously these children were not quite finished when I took the picture) and then they use the mini anchor chart to discuss the results. 

I also figured that if I have to take an anchor chart down to make room for more I will have the mini anchor chart to still use as a reference!


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