Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rodeo Day! Yee Haw!

Rodeo Day is one of the "special days" that we have in kindergarten every year.  The children love dressing up like cowboys and cowgirls and they love going outside for our Rodeo.  We start off in the classroom doing some fun cowboy/girl related activities such as making a hat.  We use large brown construction paper that has a pattern traced onto it.  The children cut it out and decorate it and are ready to go!

The last 30-45 minutes of the day we head out side for the Rodeo!  We have collected some stick horses throughout the years and the children love having horse races with them.  That is just one activity, there is also making S'mores and eating it by a campfire, making a stick cowboy/girl, panning for gold, playing horse shoes, and shaving (we let the children put shaving cream on their arm and pretend a popsicle stick is a razor to shave it off) like cowboys used to do when they were out camping. 
Making S'mores the easy way (one graham cracker square, chocolate frosting and a marshmallow).
Our adorable campfire!
Panning for gold - we filled the sand table with sand and rocks we spray painted gold.

We use paint sticks to color a cowboy/girl and then use brown paper to cut out a hat and boots and add a little fabric bandana.


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