Sunday, October 6, 2013

Roll and Read (getting ready for DIBELS)

 Roll and Read Through the Year

I have created a Roll and Read activity for my students to use to get themselves ready for the DIBELS letter naming fluency assessment.  It is a very simple activity and I have seen similar activities around the internet but decided to put together some to use throughout the school year.   
The children just need a die and the Roll and Read paper to do the activity.  They will roll the die and read the letters that are in the row that they rolled.  I like to use small pointers for the children to read with to add a little something exciting.  I like to use drink stirrers because you can get a lot for a pretty good price and you can find different kinds to fit the theme you are working on. 
I started with October and the letters that have been introduced so far in Reading Street.  Then as other letters are introduced I added them in.  If you are interested please go to my TPT store and check it out!


  1. Perfect for my 2nd group intervention group! Thanks


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