Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Center Anchor Charts

At the beginning of the year my students and I create anchor charts at each center.  These are created as I introduce one or two centers at a time.  The charts list what the children can do and/or expectations for each center.  A few years ago after these charts had been at the centers for a few weeks they started to get a little tattered so I wanted a way to display our "Can do" charts so they would last all year.  I had a bunch of old clear plastic frames from a family event, the kind that stand up on their own (see below).  These are small enough so they do not get in the way while the students are working but big enough so I could type what the students and I had agreed could be done at each center.  I even added pictures to help students to encourage independence.  As I continue to model the expectations at the centers I point to these displays so the children will make the connection.  When the students are at centers and I hear them say "what do I do" I point to the chart in the frame. 
 Here is  a close up of what one of the charts looks like:

HERE is a link to where you can buy a set of 12 of these! You may even have some laying around your house like I did!


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