Saturday, July 30, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Goodies!

I found some great things at Target today!  These are just the items that I bought but they had a lot more.  I had to tell myself over and over "I do not need more bins, I do not need more bins!". I love these small pocket charts, they are perfect for center time when I have something like word sorts that each child needs to do on their own.  It is hard to tell in the picture but they are really cute colors (turquoise and purple). 
I also got a dry erase board, birthday notes and decorative binder clips.  I ran out of birthday cards last year and these will be perfect.  It is a pad of paper that you can just tear off one sheet at a time. 

I thought that these chalkboard blocks were too cool to pass up!  I like that I will be able to change the letters that I want the students to be working on to make words or just to roll and write,  I am a little worried about the chalk staying on every time the students roll them, but I still like them. 
I am thinking that I will use the dry erase board to model for the students what I want them to say to their partner during math stations.  Here is an example.
I usually just write it on paper but this is much cuter!  I will hold it up between my partner and I while I model this concept.  The chalkboard blocks, pocket charts and dry erase board were $3 and the other items were just $1.  I love finding new things, especially things that are cute! 


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