Reading Street Resources

 Fellow Bloggers with Amazing resources:
  • Kinder Kraziness - most of you probably already know how great Laura Starnes is but she also has amazing resources for Reading Street on her blog, you have to check it out!!
  • Live, Love, Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten - another wonderful blogger, Tammy, also has made our lives easier with things she has created to go along with Reading Street
  • Under the Alphabet Tree - Jessica has posted pictures of concept boards and focus walls and has other great ideas to share
  • Froggy Friends Fun - reading response sheets for some of the unit books
  • A Teacher and a Blog! - Markeeta has made a great powerpoint for a book called Bunny Day
  • Oceans of First Grade Fun - This site has great stuff for first grade!!
  • kindertrips - Jennifer has some great units that she has created to go along with the Reading Street units!
  • I have created a couple of games to help students learn the high frequency words introduced in Reading Street you can check them out HERE , HERE and HERE.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to put together this collection. I plan to spend a few hours getting lost in these links!


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